10 All Time Greatest Hit Nepali Band or Ensemble [Updated 2020]

Who does not love music? Especially music that makes you dance like a crazy, songs that show unity and patriotism, and the musical numbers that make you fall in love? How can we forget the popular Nepali folk numbers that have succeeded to win millions of hearts? Yes, TrendzNepal is back with none other than the powerful and successful bands of Nepal that have earned millions of fan followers with these kinds of music and songs. And we have boiled them down completely based on the fan following, the number of hit songs, view counts in Youtube, and popularity. 


10 Greatest Nepali Musical Band or Ensemble [Updated 2020]

The below listed Nepali Bands are completely based on the popularity, hit songs, fan following, and views on YouTube. Are you excited to know whether your favorite Nepali bands are there in the list or not? Let’s check it out. 

  1. Nepathya

Who does not know Nepathya? Their numbers “Taal Ko Pani”, “Sa Karnali”, “Mai Nache Cham Chami” will surely make you dance. Nepathya is one of the most popular bands in Nepal. Formed in the 1990s by three guys from Pokhara, they are mainly known for mixing folk melodies with modern western-influenced rock music. The main leader of the band is Amrit Gurung, a very simple man from Pokhara who wears round specs (Mahatma Gandhi Frame), who is also the founder and leader of the band. This band of Nepal has toured in various countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, and many more. Nepathya is the first Nepali band to perform at Wembley Arena, the UK on August 3, 2013, among 8000 people. 


  1. 1974 AD

1974 AD is another most popular rock band in Nepal. Formed in 1990 by the three teachers of Gyanodaya School, guitarist Phiroj Shyangden, bassist Nirakar Yakthumba, and drummer Bhanu A. In their early days, they played genres like hard rock, heavy metal, rock, and blues and used to do covers of Deep Purple, Bryan Adams, and so on. Later the bank released its album "Time Out" and its single “Mayalule” gave them the sensation hit and fame. Later Bhanu A. left the band and 4 new members Adrain Pradhan, Sanjaya Shrestha, Manoj Singh, and Manoj K.C joined the band. Ever since 1974 AD has accumulated millions of fans. Mostly their music and lyrics reflect the self-pride, love, unity, patriotism as a Nepali. From 2008 to 2012, Phiroj Shyangden left the band due to some personal reasons later reunited while the band was performing the New York concert on April 21, 2012. In July 2019, the band announced a reunion through their event called Nirantarta and told their fans that they are working on new albums. 

  • Formed Date: 1990s A.D
  • Originated: Kathmandu
  • Genre: Nepali Folk, Ragas, Rock, Funk, Blues, and Jazz.
  • Popular songs: Mayalule, Gurasaiphulyo, Sambhodan, Samjhi Baschu, Parelima, Mutu Bhari, Yo Jindagi, Timilai Pirati le Badhaula, Chudaina, Dherai Dherai many more
  • Awards: Hits FM Music Award, Image Award, Kantipur Annual Award, and so on
  • Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvotFJ0prJamN2m52fFbesg 


  1. Albatross

“Farki Farki Nahera malai, Timi Bhane” you have already guessed who we are going to talk about. Albatross formed as a three-piece school band with their old guitar and mostly old instruments before any of them had any real proficiencies with music. They blend the Nepali rock sounds and western alternative music to create a music of their own. They mostly create a Nepali Alternative music along with fast tempos, signature chord progression, and contemporary compositions that earned them huge success. This Nepali band is also one of the leading pioneers of rock music in Nepal. Albatross has done a live concert in Nepal as well as popular venues around the world. 


  1. Axe Band

Just by hearing the name of Axe Band, you will surely remember them as a band who did a bungee in their popular song “Timro Najar le Timro Muskan le”. Axe band is a three-man band formed in 1993 without thinking of reaching far and commitment. In their initial years, their albums were not loved by the audience. In 1995 their album Farkera Herda which features a song chiya barima, pallo Madama, etc was a great turning point of their music career and give them huge success and fame. Since then, the band has well impressed the audience with their songs and music progression and giving hit singles one after another. 

  • Formed Date: 1993 A.D
  • Originated: Kathmandu
  • Genre: 
  • Popular songs: Euta Chitthi ko Saharale, Lukna Deu Malai Timro kesh Ma, Thado Janey Ukalo, Timro Nazarle, Chiya Barima, Pallo Danda Ma
  • Awards: 
  • Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYtKk3Fh4DyiNGPPLGUxsbA
  • Website: http://www.theaxeband.com/


  1. Karma

If you are 90s kids you might know all about Karma Band. This band mainly works on cultural, traditional, and folk music. Karma Band rose to fame after their single Kaha Hola Ghar Bara, Kaha Hola Gau. Due to their massive fan following and social media recognition, the Karma band has also sung a song called “Ko Hau Timi, Mero Ko Hau Timi '' from the movie First Love featuring Karma and Nisha Adhikari. 


  1. The Shadows Nepal

The Shadows Nepal is one of the popular and renowned rock bands of Nepal. This band is from Narayangarh, Chitwan, Nepal. The first album of The Shadows Nepal was “Suna Hamro Sano Awaaz”, which was released in 1997. This album was not able to get popularity among people, but the second album “ Hidne Manche Ladcha” became the most popular album in the Nepali market.  Album “Hidne Manche Ladcha” made this band renowned among music lovers and made them earn the best band, music and performance of the year during 2006. Most of the songs of this band are touching and based on social issues and awareness. 


  1. The Edge Band

The Edge Band is one of the most popular bands in Nepal. This band released its first music album in 2000. The lead singer of this band is Jeewan Gurung, who never left the band. Mero Ashu was the first album done by this band, Which was not able to make the band renowned in the Nepali market. The second album Vibes with Vajra was so good that the band gained more popularity and was able to establish in Nepali Music Industry in 2006. This band has been playing live concerts for charities nationally as well as internationally.

  • Formed Date: 2000 A.D
  • Originated: Pokhara, Nepal
  • Genre: Pop, Rock
  • Popular songs: Nachaheko Hoina Timilai, Yo Dil Mero, Lekhiyeka Sabda, Jhuto Maya, Kasari and many more.
  • Awards: Pokhara Music Award, Tuborg Music Award, Kalika Award. 
  • Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbi4eM3OVmLUAgd0a1ZlVpA


  1. Kandara

Kandara band is well known for its distinctive melodies, folk lyrics, and beautiful vocal performance. This brand has been able to win the heart of most of the Nepalese music lovers. Kandara has been working on composing lyrics, music, themes of nationalism for many of today's popular songs. Kandara band was the first band in the Nepali music industry to work together with popular Nepalese poets and lyricists like Ramesh Shrestha, Binod Gauchan, and Sarubhakta Shrestha. Kandara released its album “Bhedi Gothaima” in 2016 and made a great comeback.


  1. Kutumba

Kutumba is one of the most popular and famous instrumental folk bands in Nepal. The band consists of 8 members and uses the traditional Nepali musical instrument to create unique and pleasing folk music which has not only won the hearts of Nepalese but also internal audiences around the world. 

Kutumba has also collaborated with the other popular Nepali artists like Astha Tamang Maskey, 1974 AD, Albatross,  Satya Aditya Waiba, and so on. Kutumba is also the first Nepali folk band to record a single for season 6 of Coke Studio Pakistan in 2013. 


  1. Anuprastha

Anuprastha is one of the popular bands of Nepal, which was able to gain more popularity after winning the reality show Sprite Band Challenge in 2008. This band released its first music video “Din” in July 2009, which was able to win the hearts of many Nepali music lovers.  Anuprastha has performed many concerts both nationally as well as on the international stage. They normally work on rock genres but add Nepali folks tunes, which makes them unique. 


Summary of 10 Greatest Nepali Musical Band or Ensemble [Updated 2020]

So, these are the top 10 greatest Nepali Musical Band of Nepal. If you think that there are some other top Nepali bands that deserve to be on this list, then feel free to mention them in the comment section. 

  1. Nepathaya
  2. 1974Ad
  3. Albatross
  4. Axe
  5. Karma
  6. The Shadows Nepal
  7. Edge
  8. Kandara
  9. Kutumba
  10. Anurprastha