10 Best ISP in Nepal in 2020

Trendz Nepal's main motto is to provide what readers have been seeking for and this time we are here with the best ISP in Nepal. The internet has been an integral part of human life. From business to personal use or for entertainment, the use and the demand of the internet are growing rapidly. 

So, people are searching for the best internet service in Nepal, that has fast connectivity, cheapest price, and a variety of other offers. To win the heart of the customer, many internet providers in Nepal are coming with various internet packages with the most affordable price along with unimaginable offers and discounts. 

10 Most Popular ISP in Nepal in 2020

The below listed are the best internet providers in Nepal that are completely based on their service, quality, price, connectivity, and the review of the consumers. 

  1. WorldLink

WorldLink Communication is a famous and largest Internet service provider (ISP) and IT company in Nepal. This company has been providing the fastest speed FTTx, IPTV, and Fixed Wireless Broadband Service in Nepal. As per the statistical report of December 2017 of Nepal Telecom Authority, WorldLink communication has almost two thousand corporate accounts, four lakh, active consumer broadband internet account, and twenty-five thousand IPTV users. WorldLink has been serving 70 plus districts of Nepal a high-speed internet service up to 100 Mbps along with HD IPTV service, which has made it one of the leading ISPs of Nepal. This ISP provider has covered about 57% of the Fiber Internet market and is one of the trusted ISP of Nepal. Vianet is regarded as the major competitor for worldLink. 

  1. Vianet

Vianet has been providing high-speed connectivity in Kathmandu Valley. It is a more reliable and affordable internet provider in Nepal as compared to WorldLink. This Isp has improved its quality of service and performance, So nowadays it has been the most demanded internet service in Kathmandu valley. This ISP has used Fiber Optics Internet and is successful in providing a connection to different homes and offices in Kathmandu since 2011. Not only internet service but Vianet is also providing IPTV and Video on Demand service. 

  1. Ncell

Ncell Private Limited is a leading mobile service in Nepal. This company also works as an ISP in Nepal. Ncell has been providing the best internet service to people as per their needs and requirements. You can request the required MB and use it without any interruption. You can enjoy all the services provided by Ncell with a 4G network. Ncell has been one of the most demanded and preferable ISPs in Nepal because it has been providing its services even in high altitude areas and it has a very fast speed in a comparison with the other best internet service in Nepal. But it is very expensive. People who live in the mountainous region of Nepal use Ncell to be facilitated by the internet. 

  1. NTC

Nepal Telecom is owned by the state and is popularly known as Nepal Doorsanchar Company Ltd. It has been providing internet facility from its sim card as well as from telephone lines. You can request the MB data pack, for that you need a message to the service provider and you will be charged as per your requirement. NTC is considered to be one of the affordable and cheapest internet services in Nepal. In current days the service provided by NTC is good and is preferred by most Nepalese. 

  • Founded Date: April 13, 2004
  • Headquarter: Kathmandu
  • Area Served: Nepal
  • Website URL: https://ntc.net.np/ 
  1. Classic Tech

Classic Tech is also a renowned Internet Service and Network Service Provider of Nepal. This company is using new technology which is controlled by experienced engineers. Classic Tech is providing innovative packages at an affordable price to its customers. This ISP company is working to achieve a goal to help its customers to be connected to each other and perform the business activities regardless of distance by experiencing the new and upgraded technology. Classic Tech has been providing internet service as well as IPTV to its consumers. 

  1. Smart Cell

Smart Cell is gaining its popularity in the Nepali market day by day due to its affordable services. It is the third company to launch 4G in Nepal after Ntc and Ncell. Initially, Smart Cell has launched its 4G in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and Pokhara, where the company is planning to serve more areas with 4G. It has claimed that they are providing the highest speed internet service in Nepal. Currently, Smart Cell is providing its service in 45 districts of Nepal. They have used 10 MHz for 4G LTE, which is the highest speed in 4G.

  1. Subisu

Subisu Cablenet is one of the most preferable ISP in Nepal. This company has been serving more than 1500000 customers. It is currently using a hybrid fiber-coaxial(HFCC) network to provide fiber internet and digital TV service. Subisu facilitates its customers with high-speed internet and more than 280 TV channels. This company is the only one to have ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 certification in the field of the internet service provider and cable operator. 

  1. Himalayan Online Service

Himalayan Online Service is one of the Internet service providers of Nepal, which provides quality service to its customers. HONS has been a smooth, uninterrupted service to its customers. Himalayan Online Service is serving its internet facility within the local areas of Kathmandu and is planning to serve all over Nepal. 

  1. Broadlink

Broadlink is one of the renowned Internet services of Nepal, which offers its service for home and offices in Nepal. This company proposes you with various types of internet packages to exercise the internet and makes you free from the long cable and fiber or slow ADSL service. You will be provided with a username and password by the company as you subscribe to the internet service. You can log in to your internet access from any part of Nepal if you have a signal of the network. You can move your internet device to any place you like, which has been a major benefit to the people who have migrated to Kathmandu and have to change rooms or flats after some time. 


  1. Websurfer

Websurfer is a renowned Internet and Digital service provider in Nepal. This company has been providing Internet service to its customers for 20 years and Digital TV as well. This company has adopted modern technology to provide quality and affordable service to its customers. Websurfer has used fiber infrastructure in Nepal, to let their customers access the high-speed internet. 

  • Founded Date: 1999
  • Headquarter: Kathmandu
  • Area Served:  Most of the parts of Nepal
  • Website URL: https://websurfer.com.np/ 

Summary of 10 Most Popular Isp in Nepal in 2020

So, this is our list of the best and most popular Isp in Nepal. Those who are planning to take an internet service for their work, then what are you waiting for? We hope our list of isp in Nepal has been helpful for decision making. 

  1. Worldlink
  2. Vianet 
  3. Ncell 
  4. NTC
  5. Classic Tech
  6. Smart Cell
  7. Subisu
  8. Himalayan Online Service
  9. Broadlink
  10. Web Surfer